Commence Composition 101 Stressors

Hey there!

Welcome to my attempt to communicate the happenings of my life and any other ramblings I conjure up. I am by no means a great writer… well, not even a decent one at that, but hopefully you will keep your critiques at bay and take this journey with me as I brave the blogging world.

All my life I have loved books. Picture books, old books, leather bound books, all of them! However, let me clarify. I love the physical object of a book, not so much for the purpose of it… the task of reading. Reading and writing have never been my strong suits. My specialties were watching the movie version of a book, skimming Cliffs Notes, and throwing words together hoping they made some sense. These amateur skills wouldn’t really cut it in college, so I gave it my best try to get through. That hard “try” didn’t get me a 4.0, but at least I polished up my skill set enough to graduate.

Now that I’ve been out of school a few of years now, I haven’t done a whole lot of reading or writing. I’ve been so caught up in “all-the-things!” ranging from, all facets of social media, TV shows, and general laziness. This laziness and dependence on technology needs to change.

**Side note: I’ll be approaching 30 in the next year and its had me thinking about my life and the quality of it. I want to better myself, cut down the noise and clutter, and improve (in as many ways I can).**

A few of the changes I’ve made are purging (already have done and anticipate doing more) my closet, junk drawers, and surplus stuff that I have. Also, working on decreasing the amount of TV (series) that I watch. Sadly but thankfully a handful of my shows have ended and I plan on not starting any new series. Improvements: are a work in progress… Last year I set a goal for myself on Goodreads to complete 12 books in 2016 (it can take me a while to finish a book, so I figured an average of a book a month would be reasonable). Unfortunately I only got 10 books under my belt. Hey, that is a HUGE accomplishment for me especially since I love books, not reading. It’s starting to grow on me though and I’m OK with that. My goal for this year is 18. Yes, I know I didn’t even average one a month last year but I need to push myself! Other improvements… I’m working on them, I’ll get back to you on that. This blog could be one, although I’m not sure how this “improves” my life, I’m just writing about it. Let’s just say it counts. OK deal!

I’ll be updating sporadically (am I the only one that thinks about Clueless when you see/hear that word?!) about how I’m bettering myself, cutting out the clutter and noise, and how I’m improving my quality of life… well, I intend to, this is a free-for-all blog, who know what I’ll post.

Well, I hope you survived my first post, I appreciate you sticking it out if you made it to here.