Double Dose

Whelp, I slacked off… Actually, last week got busy at work, time ran away from me and today I’ve been battling a headache. BUT, I decided I had to post something this Mani Monday to catch myself up and not be a total disappointment. Since I missed last week and barely making it this week, here are two looks from the last couple of weeks.

The first is a repeat of the same purplish-grey with a punch of red and more of the same sparkle but not as concentrated. This could work as a simple Valentine’s mani.

Look #2 I really love because it has olive green, I’m OBSESSED with olive/army green.

That’s all I have for now, headache taking over… BLARGH!

7 thoughts on “Double Dose

      1. You’re very welcome! On my last post (Not quite St. Patty’s) I listed the three different greens that I used. Also, there’s some greens listed on the Emerald Isle post too.
        For the greens on this post, I think I used OPI- Suzie, The First Lady of Nails, and OPI- Just Spotted the Lizard.

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