Thursday Times Three! (1 of 3x Thursday)

Happy Thursday!

I’m going to be ambitious and make THREE posts today, oh my!

Let’s start off with my usual Thursday, one of my favorite days of the week! I work a “normal” 40 hour week, however, I only work 4 days: Monday – Wednesday and Friday for 10 hours each day. I don’t work on Thursday because that’s when I volunteer (my boss is awesome and lets me have this flexible schedule).

I volunteer at a garden. It holds a special place in my heart because it is full of natural beauty (flowers, trees, plants and views of a lake), has a lot of great events (concerts, festivals, holiday related activities), and it makes me feel like Granna is still with me (she’s my grandma that would take me there when I was a lil nugget).

There are two parts of the garden, main and a children’s area. I mostly volunteer in the children’s part. It didn’t exist when I was a kid, but I wish it had, there’s so much to learn and explore there! It’s really great for all ages, not just kids. Since I’m a kid at heart, this place is perfect for me.

Here’s some pictures I took last week:

I also love Thursday’s because it’s a day my four college best friends (all five of us were RA’s in the dorms) would get together off campus and hang out at Starbucks. We all would bond over coffee, our crazy residents, and our general lives. We still do this (well minus the part about residents) but not on a weekly basis, we take an annual trip together. This year we are going to Seattle, birthplace of the coffee that kickstarted our friendship! We aren’t going until the end of April, but I’ll definitely post pictures once we go.

See you on the next post, tootles!

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