March Marble Mani Madness

Well, I did it again, another (successful) water-marble. I was able to change up my polish last week before the show on Wednesday like I hoped, woo hoo!

My mom really loves yellow and blue, so I guess she’s somewhat the inspiration behind this color combo.

Colors used:

  • Any white creme polish for the base and water marbling (I think I used an off-white this time though)
  • OPI – The “It” Color (NL B66)
  • Sinful Colors – Endless Blue (1052)
  • China Glaze – Fairy Dust

Since we’re heading into the last week of March (oh wow, where did this month go?!?!), I think I’ll do one more water-marble then start doing some other techniques.

Enjoy your last week of March!

Tootles 🙂

Nomination News

Oh em aca gee!

My itty bitty blog has been nominated for “One Lovely Blog Award”.

Thank you so much to the awesome Life of an Independent Girl! I love her blog, she features her nail art adventures, book reviews, and so much more. Go check her page out!

Here are the rules:

  • Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post.
  • They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
  • Must add 7 facts about them.
  • Then nominate 15 people!

7 facts about me:

  1. I’m not very musically inclined… I can sing but I wouldn’t say I’m super great. I can carry a tune at least. I sang as a kid and did 4-5 years of choir in middle & high school, however, I don’t do very well learning instruments. I attempted piano lessons in elementary school and electric guitar in high school, but neither really stuck. I probably should have practiced more, but I was (and still am) interested in a lot of other things to just focus on one activity.
  2. I love bats and donkeys. I know, weird animals to have a liking for, but I just think they’re both so cute and awesome! I like goats too, but not as mush as donkeys and bats. I of course like the usual cat and dog, in fact I live with 3 cats at my parent’s house. I want a dog, but we don’t have a fenced yard and I’m not home enough to give it the proper attention it would need.
  3. I never had braces. I did have a procedure done to prevent a gap between my top front teeth and had all 4 wisdom teeth removed before they surfaced to prevent needing braces.
  4. I have a bachelors in business management, but have no idea what I want to be when I grow up (I’m pushing 30, probably should figure that out soon). I do know that I want to have my own business eventually, need to figure out the product/service for it though.
  5. I’m a serial re-watcher… I watch the same movies over and over again or TV shows (see my favorite show listed on #7 and see what I mean).
  6. I live in the USA and have traveled to Mexico, Canada, England and Ireland. I hope to travel to more European countries and definitely Japan since that’s where my grandma (on my dad’s side) was from. I’ve been to a handful of states here in the US, and would like to visit Montana, Wyoming, Maine, and Oregon in the next few years. 
  7. Some of my favorites:
    • Fruit: strawberries
    • Shape: hexagon
    • Ice cream: overall mint chocolate chip, but I really love Blue Bell’s Vanilla Bean (and add chocolate sprinkles with it)
    • Song: Pachuca Sunrise by Minus the Bear
    • Season: fall/autumn
    • Movie: Sabrina (the original Audrey Hepburn one)
    • Pizza toppings: black olives and sausage
    • Board game: Clue
    • TV show: Castle (about to start round 3 of watching seasons 1-8 on Amazon, which doesn’t include watching the series when it was on TV, so really this will be round 4 in total)
    • Sport: hockey
    • Cookie: snicker doodle or homemade chocolate chip with a hint of cinnamon and a little bit of pecans, yum!
    • X-Men: Nightcrawler & Mystique
    • Tea: earl grey & jasmine green tea

I nominate the following (in alphabetical order and I only have 11 because I’m relatively new to blogging and following bloggers so I don’t have very many right now):

  1. A New Life Wandering
  2. Arts of May
  3. EatLiveTravelDrink
  4. Glamournailart
  5. List of Living
  6. Midn1ghtbutterfly
  7. The View From My Window
  8. Travelling the World Solo
  9. Unexpected Occurrence
  10. U-Turn & Travel
  11. Vintage Reflection

Spring has Sprung!

Happy Monday and first day of Spring! It’s actually starting to feel like summer already, supposed to be almost 90 today where is live, good grief!

Spring  means it’s time for lighter and brighter manis, so I think today’s look is very appropriate. This water marble reminds me of the waves of an ocean or splashing around a pool or lake. I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of these water marbles on the next few manis. I really like this blue, however I’m going to a concert on Wednesday night and I want to try a different color variation. Hopefully I’ll have time before then to make that happen.

Colors used:

  • Any white creme polish (I have a few whites, not sure which one I grabbed)
  • Zoya – Sia (ZP802)
  • OPI – No Room for the Blues (NL B83)

I hope you have a great first day/week of spring,


Irish I were in Ireland Still (3 of 3x Thursday)

Ok, maybe I don’t wish I was still there, but it would have been pretty awesome if our trip was during Saint Patrick’s Day!

I briefly mentioned that I was a teeny bit Irish, the only way I know that for sure is because of AncestryDNA. I already knew that I was 25% Japanese (my dad’s mom was 100% Japanese) and that was my control to know if the results were accurate or not. My results did confirm that I am a fourth Japanese and they also stated that I am roughly 14% Irish. This seems to be pretty accurate because (on my dad’s, dad’s side of the family) we believe my great-grandmother was 100% Irish, which would break down for me to be an eighth. The extra couple percent might be from my mom’s side, but I not really sure what we are on that side of the family. I want to get my mom and dad to do the test themselves which would provide me with more accurate info about mine.

The test is really simple to do and only $99 (plus shipping & tax) which I think is pretty reasonable. Right now they’re doing a special for St. Patrick’s Day until March 19th for $89, so go get yours!

Alright, about my nails! Of course I had to do something green. Since Ireland is associated with green, clovers and rainbows, I thought a green holo (light shifting/diffused into rainbows) gradient with a golden clover would be perfect!

Colors used:

  • Cupcake Polish- Unbeleafable, dark part of the gradient & the base of the accent nail
  • Cupcake Polis- Leaf Me Alone, medium color for the gradient
  • Color Club- Kismet, lightest part of the gradient
  • Pure Ice- Studette, used for the clover
  • China Glaze- Fairy Dust, top coat on all nails
  • Decal/stencil- Luck Variety Vinyls

Phew, I made it through my three posts in one day. Thanks for hanging in there with me 🙂

Have a happy and SAFE St. Patty’s tomorrow,



**Post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own whether sponsored or not.**

London & Ireland (2 of 3x Thursday)

Hey there!

As mentioned in my previous post, I went on a trip with my mom recently to London and Ireland. I did a similar trip five years ago with my best friend (we flew to Ireland first then to London). Both times I spent almost a week in Ireland, spending three days going on individual day tours all over the island with Paddywagon Tours. They’re awesome, loved them each time! We spent the other days wandering around Dublin (our home base on both trips). In London, we mostly walked around as much as we could, but this time with my mom, we did a hop-on hop-off bus tour of London. I wish we had done the bus tour earlier in the trip, we would have been able to see more… Maybe next time!

I don’t want to ramble on forever about every single thing I did, but I’ll provide the tours we took in Ireland (each from Dublin). If you have any specific questions, drop a comment for me!

  • Cliffs of Moher – Did this on both trips, best to go when its not summer, summer heat brings fog and its harder to see the cliffs, if at all. I learned that the hard way in 2012. If/when you see the Cliffs, they’re amazing! The views are breathtaking (especially if the harsh winds are going, we nearly got blown away!).
  • Giant’s Causeway – This is one of my favorite places in the world! It has some of my favorite things: rocks, hexagons, and moss! (I’m a weirdo hehe) This tour is so great with the basalt columns and braving the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge.
  • Kilkenny & Wicklow – This was my first time taking this tour, our Giant’s Causeway guide recommended it. I’m so glad we did this, it was beautiful and it was pretty interesting exploring Kilkenny Castle.
  • Blarney – I did this one in 2012 but not this year. I wouldn’t put this in my top tours, but it’s still pretty cool to kiss the stone and see the different towns that you stop at on the tour. I believe this tour has changed in the last 5 years, because when I took this tour, we stopped in Cobh (aka Queenstown) which was the final stop for the Titanic before it headed for New York.
  • Belfast – I haven’t done this one, but I have every intention to do it the next time I go to Ireland (I’m pretty sure I’ll be visiting again).



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Thursday Times Three! (1 of 3x Thursday)

Happy Thursday!

I’m going to be ambitious and make THREE posts today, oh my!

Let’s start off with my usual Thursday, one of my favorite days of the week! I work a “normal” 40 hour week, however, I only work 4 days: Monday – Wednesday and Friday for 10 hours each day. I don’t work on Thursday because that’s when I volunteer (my boss is awesome and lets me have this flexible schedule).

I volunteer at a garden. It holds a special place in my heart because it is full of natural beauty (flowers, trees, plants and views of a lake), has a lot of great events (concerts, festivals, holiday related activities), and it makes me feel like Granna is still with me (she’s my grandma that would take me there when I was a lil nugget).

There are two parts of the garden, main and a children’s area. I mostly volunteer in the children’s part. It didn’t exist when I was a kid, but I wish it had, there’s so much to learn and explore there! It’s really great for all ages, not just kids. Since I’m a kid at heart, this place is perfect for me.

Here’s some pictures I took last week:

I also love Thursday’s because it’s a day my four college best friends (all five of us were RA’s in the dorms) would get together off campus and hang out at Starbucks. We all would bond over coffee, our crazy residents, and our general lives. We still do this (well minus the part about residents) but not on a weekly basis, we take an annual trip together. This year we are going to Seattle, birthplace of the coffee that kickstarted our friendship! We aren’t going until the end of April, but I’ll definitely post pictures once we go.

See you on the next post, tootles!

Not Quite St. Patty’s

Hi hi, not feeling too hot today, so here’s a quick one. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, other than I wanted green… This is what I came up with, a dry brush effect with multiple greens. I call it Urban Camo.

Colors used are:

  • OPI- My Gecko Does Tricks (H66)
  • OPI- Jade is the New Black (H45)
  • OPI- Suzi, the First Lady of Nails (W55)



**Post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own whether sponsored or not.**

Minimalist Monday

Hey there! As you can see, today is quite a lame look… I just got back Saturday night from my week long trip to London and Ireland. Sooooo, all I’ve had time to do is remove my last mani, file, and add clear coats of strengthener polish. My nails are slightly discolored (the outcome of always having my nails painted) and I have some dents/blemishes from a powder set that I had several weeks ago (I was trying to help my nails grow but they kept breaking so I went for the powder dip nails for a while). Not much to say about this one, I plan on having a true mani ready for next week. Oh, and I’ll hopefully have a post about my trip by the end of this week.

Have a great one!

Emerald Isle

Greetings from Dublin! I’m here on vacation with my mom and we’re having a blast! We just arrived this afternoon. We spent the last two nights and a couple of days in London, which was great, but I have a sweet spot for Ireland (I’m a wee bit Irish and I was here 5 years ago).

Going to make this mani Monday post relatively quick (I’ll post more about our trip once we get back home). Of course I had to do Irish inspired nails (since we’re here almost a week and only spent a couple of days in London). I LOVE how these turned out. Initially I wanted to do something completely different than these, but I’m glad I went this route.

Colors used:

  • OPI Color Paints- Landscape Artist, for the base
  • Cupcake Polish- Unbeleafable, holo tips
  • Kiss Nail Art Polish- Gold Glitter liner
  • OPI- Bling Dynasty H41 (I think this is the gold I used) for the accent nail
  • Stamp Plate- Moyou Steampunk Collection – 07 with the Unbeleafable polish

I hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for details about my trip when I get back (probably will make a post next Monday or Tuesday, maybe).



**Post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own whether sponsored or not.**

Happy President’s Day

I typically do holiday themed nails at any chance I can get, but I completely forgot about today! So, you’ll just have to settle for these unpatriotic pretties 🙂

I’m not the type of girl that likes the color pink, but I love this combo!! The pic doesn’t really capture the true hues because I couldn’t get the right lighting. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

*Check out my Instagram, I added some mani looks from last year that I never got around to posting!*