Minimalist Monday

Hey there! As you can see, today is quite a lame look… I just got back Saturday night from my week long trip to London and Ireland. Sooooo, all I’ve had time to do is remove my last mani, file, and add clear coats of strengthener polish. My nails are slightly discolored (the outcome of always having my nails painted) and I have some dents/blemishes from a powder set that I had several weeks ago (I was trying to help my nails grow but they kept breaking so I went for the powder dip nails for a while). Not much to say about this one, I plan on having a true mani ready for next week. Oh, and I’ll hopefully have a post about my trip by the end of this week.

Have a great one!

Emerald Isle

Greetings from Dublin! I’m here on vacation with my mom and we’re having a blast! We just arrived this afternoon. We spent the last two nights and a couple of days in London, which was great, but I have a sweet spot for Ireland (I’m a wee bit Irish and I was here 5 years ago).

Going to make this mani Monday post relatively quick (I’ll post more about our trip once we get back home). Of course I had to do Irish inspired nails (since we’re here almost a week and only spent a couple of days in London). I LOVE how these turned out. Initially I wanted to do something completely different than these, but I’m glad I went this route.

Colors used:

  • OPI Color Paints- Landscape Artist, for the base
  • Cupcake Polish- Unbeleafable, holo tips
  • Kiss Nail Art Polish- Gold Glitter liner
  • OPI- Bling Dynasty H41 (I think this is the gold I used) for the accent nail
  • Stamp Plate- Moyou Steampunk Collection – 07 with the Unbeleafable polish

I hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for details about my trip when I get back (probably will make a post next Monday or Tuesday, maybe).



**Post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own whether sponsored or not.**

Happy President’s Day

I typically do holiday themed nails at any chance I can get, but I completely forgot about today! So, you’ll just have to settle for these unpatriotic pretties 🙂

I’m not the type of girl that likes the color pink, but I love this combo!! The pic doesn’t really capture the true hues because I couldn’t get the right lighting. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

*Check out my Instagram, I added some mani looks from last year that I never got around to posting!*

Taco Tuesday!! (And Valentines Day)

I know today is Wednesday, but the weather in my part of the world was rainy and overcast so I couldn’t get a decent, natural light photo of my nails yesterday. Today however, SUNSHIIIIINE!

I’m not a big Valentines person, but since it’s a holiday, I generally participate via my nails. I went with a red holo, a black polish with holo specks, and a red flakey “glitter”. I attempted to do partial hearts for the tips of my nails. Not the greatest paint job, but oh well!

Hope you had a lovely Taco Tuesday Valentines Day!! 🙂

Soooo, it’s Monday again

This past week I was feeling a little sassy, which led to this holo-serpentine-gradient mani. I really like how these turned out, even got a few strangers that admired them. I hope you like them too!

Colors used (I think):

  • Cupcake Polish- Berry Good Looking
  • Cupcake Polish- Some Berry to Love
  • Color Club- Eternal Beauty
  • Starrily- Magic Rainbow
  • Decal/Stencil- Snake Vinyls


**Post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own whether sponsored or not.**

Double Dose

Whelp, I slacked off… Actually, last week got busy at work, time ran away from me and today I’ve been battling a headache. BUT, I decided I had to post something this Mani Monday to catch myself up and not be a total disappointment. Since I missed last week and barely making it this week, here are two looks from the last couple of weeks.

The first is a repeat of the same purplish-grey with a punch of red and more of the same sparkle but not as concentrated. This could work as a simple Valentine’s mani.

Look #2 I really love because it has olive green, I’m OBSESSED with olive/army green.

That’s all I have for now, headache taking over… BLARGH!

Simple Sparkle

Hey hey!

For as long as I can remember my nails have always been painted, usually by me or an occasional visit to a nail salon. I’ve been “practicing” painting my own nails since I was in elementary school and it’s developed into some ambidexterity. I tend to change my nail look weekly and sometimes only after a few days. This could really add up if I had a professional do them all the time. I relish the fact that I can paint both hands (decently) and can save myself some moola.

Since most of my family and friends know I always have my nails done, they tend to seize my hands when they see me and eagerly ask “What do they look like today?!” which lead to the creation of my Instagram where I post my ever-changing nail looks. Unfortunately I’ve been slacking on my posts, so I’m going to take a stab at posting my polished fingertips here on a weekly basis and maybe give my Instagram life again.

All that being said, here is my look from this past week. I decided to go with a neutral, purplish-grey with a touch of pop.


Sometimes my nails are simple like these and other times they can be detailed and somewhat in-your-face. You’ll notice that there is a watermark on the photo and it doesn’t say Miscellany Me… that’s just my user name on Instagram and I use the watermark to prevent my photos being used without my consent/not giving me credit. My account doesn’t have much of a following and I doubt anyone would copy me, but I just do it as a precaution anyways.

That’s all for today’s mani!