Rockin’ & Rollin’

Well hey there! This past weekend my boyfriend and I went to a car show that we’ve attended the last couple of years. This car show features 1963 and earlier traditionally-styled American hot rods, custom cars, and traditionally-styled bikes.

The weekend starts off Thursday with a BBQ and what you could call a mini car show. On Friday morning, car show drivers and general car enthusiasts meet up bright and early at 7AM for a garage crawl. The crawl highlights a handful of garages ranging from shops built at homes for personal use, which tend to be really impressive, and shops that are actual businesses (local grown shops, not big box places). The rest of the day until 6PM everyone gathers at the expo center for the big event. Rows and rows of cars line up to be admired, get inspiration from, and create new connections of friends. The show also has live bands, lots of food trucks, vendors, and a swap meet. Later in the night, event goers break out to different locations hosted by the car show, either at a local car hop with great burgers, live music, and a drive-in movie; or they gather at a well known car shop for more car perusing and live music. The show and evening events all repeat on Saturday. Finally on Sunday, there’s one last crawl and meet-up for a breakfast shindig. We haven’t been to this event yet we usually leave before then, but we hope to participate next year.

This is the first year for us to actually have a car at the event… Our first year attending, we had a vehicle, but it wasn’t road worthy yet, so we took my boyfriend’s, great granddad’s old farm truck (it’s old, but not old enough to qualify to be in the show). Last year, we drove my boyfriend’s 1931 Chevrolet Coach most of the way to the event, but we started having issues midday on that Thursday. After some fiddling and finagling, we thought we had things ready to go for the garage crawl on Friday morning, however, issues occurred in the middle of the crawl. More tinkering took place… a long story short, Remy (that’s the ’31’s name) never made it to the expo. Thankfully this year we made it issue-free to and from the show.

All that said, I of course had to do a mani that was themed for the weekend. Remy is mostly navy with little hints of black and some chrome, but it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do. I obviously was still stuck on my marbling kick, so I did that as my accent nails and went for a sleek and classic look for the rest.

I didn’t really get a good photo of my nails in my usual mani pic format, this will have to do :/

Colors used:

  • Any creme black polish
  • Pure Ice – Kiss Me Here (541CP)
  • Essie – No More Film (364)
  • OPI – Silver Canvas (NL P19)
  • Any clear coat polish (not a top coat or quick dry, I painted the marble nails with No More Film as the base and instead of marbling with that polish, I used a clear coat in the marble so you could still see the navy)
  • Vinyls – I bought a package of assorted french tip strips at the drugstore (a while ago) and used these to expose the chrome base, not sure of the brand name

Tootles! 🙂